Arnold & Son HMS1 Dragon 1LCAP.B02A.C111A

Mã: AS 12
Thông tin sản phẩm:
  • Hãng sản xuất: Arnold & Son
  • Tình trạng : mới
  • Đồng hồ :Nam
  • Bộ sưu tập:Royal Collection - HM/HMS1
  • Kích thước: 40 mm
  • Chất liệu thân đồng hồ: vàng hồng nguyên khối 18k
  • Bezel: vàng hồng 18k
  • Chức năng hiển thị: Giờ, Phút
  • Loại máy:Manual Wind
  • Loại dây đeo: dây da cá sấu màu đen
  • Mặt quay số:màu đen
  • Khả năng chống nước: 30m
  • Khả năng dự trữ năng lượng : 80 giờ
  • Giá hãng : $23,900 (533,000.000 vnd)
  • Giá của chúng tôi : $16,500(368,000,000 vnd)

Phụ kiện: Nguyên hộp, Thân đồng hồ, thẻ bảo hành, sách hướng dẫn.
Bảo hành: 48 tháng chính hãng

Giá: 368,000,000 đ


The Royal Collection from Arnold & Son is new for 2012 and includes the new HMS1 Dragon in 18K Rose Gold
Limited to 50 pieces each 
To mark the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Arnold & Son announces the launch of the latest addition to the HMS1 collection, the HMS1 Dragon in rose gold with a magnificent gold dragon appliqué.
Available in rose gold or in a second, more exclusive, version in rose gold with a diamond-set bezel (1LCMP.B02A.C111A)
In Chinese mythology the dragon is a divine creature signifying power and good fortune, and is the free spirit of the Chinese zodiac.
As a tribute to the Year of the Dragon, which occurs once every twelve years in the Chinese calendar and begins on 23 January 2012, Arnold & Son has created a special edition of the HMS1 in rose gold featuring an exquisitely crafted gold appliqué of a traditional Chinese dragon on a magnificent black lacquered dial.
There are powdered gold indices for the minutes
The dragon is in 22K gold and has been crafted by artisans specially trained in the art of hand engraving these minute creations.
The dragon theme has been used in 2012 by many of the different brands but this one surely remains one of the most beautifully done

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